Magazinul de joburi is represented by a dynamic, innovative, revolutionary, patient and ambitious team. We pride ourselves and recognize that we offer a lot of time, confidence and strive to bring as many benefits as possible to the employers, but also to the candidates we work with.

We are young and have extensive experience in various fields, especially in relationships with people, we handle conflicts well, we are empathetic, we highlight the constructive aspects for solving problems and we have proactive and reactive plans for adapting to unforeseen situations.

Our services are focused on the most important stakeholders: clients and candidates. Thus, we are constantly concerned to find out the recruitment needs of our clients and at the same time we are concerned with identifying employment opportunities that are appropriate to the profile and aspirations of the candidates.

In a friendly environment, open to professional challenges, Magazinul de joburi aims to offer to all the people in search of a career, the opportunity to identify a job that represents a first step towards a successful professional career.


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Ana Dragan, Recruiter

I am Ana, your personal recruiter. I am here to mediate the interactions between you and the company you are going to work with. I cannot wait to meet you and to collaborate towards the most appropriate approach in order to integrate you within your new work collective. You can count on me whenever you need guidance and feedback. I am pleased to work with you in the future.

Bianca Chirita, Recruiter

Hi, I'm Bianca and I am the recruiter you need. I am here to bring you new opportunities, to guide you, using any advice you might need. You can count on me with any demand, misunderstanding or recommendation. I wish for you to find the perfect job, to be happy and without worries at work. I vouch for the job most suited to your expectations. Shall we begin?

Recruiting process

1. Meeting the candidate

Together with the candidate, we make a selection and screening of the recommended positions, keeping only the variants which are appropriate for his/her career.

2. Informing the candidate

We make a selection of all the positions matching the description of the candidate, considering the profile and expectations of the candidate.

3. Job selection

Together with the candidate we make the selection and screening of the recommended positions, keeping only the variants that are appropriate for his/her career.

4. Contacting the employers

We discuss with employers about the requirements and benefits of the job and establish the interview of the candidate with the employer.

5. CV personalization

We create an explicit, detailed and objective CV of the candidate for the field and position for which he / she is applying.

6. Keep in touch

We maintain contact with the candidate and the employer for further explanations, respecting the confidentiality of the parties.



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